Diane Cooper Cabe’s glass portfolio comprises sculptural pieces inspired by memories and reflections acquired during her journey through life. Currently, her work is focused on combining cast glass and clay as well as found objects, metal, fabric, and wood.


She began her career in glass with studies at local and national schools, including the Washington Glass School, where she became a studio artist. At the Corning Studio, she studied with Lucartha Kohler, author of Glass: An Artist’s Medium. Sculptors Linda Ethier, Debra Fritts and Susan Gott have inspired her.


She served as a resident artist at the Glen Echo Art Glass Center for ten years, where she taught the techniques of casting and of sculpting with recycled glass. Currently she is a Resident Artist Emerita at the Center, works at the Washington Glass School and also has an independent studio.


Diane’s sculptures are created through many processes including lost wax casting, organic casting, ceramic hand-sculpting, and knitting. Assembling an array of the objects she created into a finished sculpture is the ultimate act and one that she finds exhilarating.


She was a Bullseye E-merge Finalist in 2004 and has exhibited at the Target Gallery, the Fraser Gallery, VisArts Gallery, Glenview Mansion, Longview, Jacksonville Center for the Arts, MAC Ice House Gallery, Artomatic and the Popcorn Gallery at Glen Echo.

Diane Cooper Cabe • Sculpture